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So you’re keen to build your yoga practise at home?  You’re looking for fun, creatively sequenced classes, highly respected and experienced teaching, with tips for all levels?  Try out these 3 FREE classes:

  • Yoga to help open TIGHT HIPS, with some helpful poses to release tension, advice to support injury and ideas on how to progress
  • A YOGA FLOW in the sun, where each pose connects fluidly to the next, from Wild Thing to back bending to pigeon pose
  • A SHORT FORM ASHTANGA Primary Series, 27 minutes to build up a sweat and get you moving!!

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“100% recommend LoveYogaNewZealand online!!  I am back on the mat again after suffering severe shoulder issues.  The shoulder work out has helped me no end.  Thank you Debi I am enjoying all the workouts on my mat, and the chance to play more too!  Especially love Day 19 of the 30 Days of Yoga – a Restorative Practice – it’s True Bliss!!”

Moira Leddingham, Wellington, New Zealand

Try out these 3 Yoga Classes COMPLETELY FREE!

Join me on the mat, and try out a few classes and see just how much you love them! Then you’ll know for sure you’re keen to sign up and step on the mat regularly!

FREE Online Yoga class

Class: Yoga for Tight Hips Part 1
Duration: 14 minutes
Props: Block
Difficulty: beginner | moderate | intermediate | advanced

In the first of this 2 part series we explore some wonderful yoga
stretches to help open tight hips. As someone who wasn‘t born with open hips this has been a lifelong journey for me and one I love helping other students explore. This first part will help you understand where you hold your tension and which stretch or asana will help to release and let it go. We then continue into Part 2, take a look!

Class: Day 15: Vinyasa Flow in the Sun!

Difficulty: beginner
| moderate | intermediate | advanced


A Vinyasa Flow class, simply means we come use the Sun Salute and Plank pose as a means to transition into and out of other poses. Each pose is connected fluidly to the next, pictured above is a pose called Wild Thing, which lengthens the side of the body. Join me and flow through from standing poses, through Malasana (squat) variations then into some delicious backbending with camel and puppydog and finally into a few ways to deepen your pigeon pose.

Class: Ashtanga Short Form

Difficulty: beginner
| moderate | intermediate | advanced


This Short Form Ashtanga Primary Series, is a great way to step on the
mat and practice, for those who are limited by time. Starting with the
Asthanga Opening Chant, we move into Sun Salute A and B, and the first 6 standing poses. This sequence intelligently explores the rest of the Series to Boat, skipping a few, but still maintaining the essence of the practice. Backbends and the closing sequence will help calm the
nervous system once again, before we chant and enjoy savasana.

PLUSyou get 3 x PDFs to download with Sun Salute variations and a Morning Yoga sequence, to keep!

“Debi is a wonderful, insightful teacher! I’ve had the privilege of being guided through practice by her in-studio while on holiday and now have the joy of continuing to build my practice utilising her expertise during online classes. Debi has a beautiful teaching style which blends theory, visual examples, enhancement exercises and thoughtful contemplation to create a yoga experience that is accessible to everyone. If you are looking to change your life with yoga Debi is a wonderful person to guide you on your journey.” 

Jayme Ridings, Ngatea, New Zealand

“I can only say that I am a better person for attending Debi’s classes, I would never have thought online yoga could be this good.  Thank you Debi for sharing you love and compassion.”

Jean Caulton, New Zealand

“I always finish a class feeling restored, re-energised and ready to face the world again.”

Joanne Saville, New Zealand

“Debi has truly an incredible presence that makes you feel warm and at peace.  She has such incredible knowledge of body anatomy and descriptively explains the movements in her classes so you fully understand how each asana should feel. Modifications were always provided so her classes are suitable for all body types and ages.  Ashtanga yoga was intimidating to me at first, however once I practised with Debi I immediately felt comfortable and realized that it was completely accessible, as Debi’s approach is gentle and gradual.”

Brooke Mauws, Canada