Check out some of our testimonials from our lovely yogis.

In March 2020 I went to Australia to visit my daughter for a couple of weeks. Then Covid-19 ravaged our world! I decided it was too risky to travel home to New Zealand as the virus was everywhere so I stayed in the Sunshine Coast for 3 months instead of 2 weeks!
Thank goodness for Debi’s online classes! I normally go to Debi’s gentle Hatha classes when I am home and her classes online were so wonderfully familiar and what a joy to hear Debi’s voice and see her smiling face every day! She had several gentle Hatha classes and I tried them all and plus loved the chanting session!

While I was in Australia some of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren joined me on the floor watching Debi’s class on the TV! So much fun and they thought Debi was pretty special too!

All the very best for the future Debi!

Cherry Twaddle

I had the pleasure of attending Debi’s classes in person while I was in New Zealand for nearly one year. I had recently taken a Yoga Teacher Training and couldn’t believe the progression and improvement in my practice during my time with Debi. Her adjustments were safe for all and extremely effective. She has such incredible knowledge of body anatomy and descriptively explains the movements in her classes so you fully understand how each asana should feel. Modifications were always provided so her classes were suitable for all body types and ages, she was attentive to each individual need. Ashtanga yoga was intimidating to me at first, however once I practised with Debi I immediately felt comfortable and realized that it was completely accessible, as Debi’s approach is gentle and gradual. I began to love this style of yoga. Apart from the physical, Debi has truly an incredible presence that makes you feel warm and at peace. She is compassionate, gentle and extremely personable. During classes there is always focus on the mental aspect of yoga where time is taken to find silence, tune inwards, reflect and connect to the breath. Now that I am back in Canada, I continue to practice with Debi via her YouTube channel LoveYogaONline where she posts videos so that everyone can benefit from them. I gratefully complete each online class with the same feelings of lightness, joy and ease that I felt when I was in the studio.

Brooke Mauws, Canada

My Yoga Experience

I started Gentle Hatha yoga classes with Debi as a very mature student a few years ago. I had extremely tight shoulders and generally tight joints as a result of age and arthritis. Initially, I didn‘t think that yoga would be the thing for me, but after a couple of lessons, I already felt the physical and mental benefit of my classes. Debi brings a most delightful attitude and depth to each class. Our mental wellbeing is exponentially enhanced by her wise and wonderful teachings, making us aware of our own selves as well as the world around us. This is difficult to articulate so I can only say that I am a better person for attending Debi‘s classes.

Physically, my body responds so well to the gentle encouragement and small adjustments that Debi will make to enhance a position I am holding. I appreciate the improvement in my overall wellbeing and muscle tone as a direct result of my regular yoga classes. Debi has produced an excellent series of video tutorials which give an impressive demonstration that anyone could follow with ease. Thank you, Debi, for all your kindness, wisdom and expertise. I would recommend your classes to anyone wishing to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Jean Caulton

Attending Debi‘s gentle hatha classes is the highlight of my week!  Whether I join in-studio or online from home, I am constantly amazed by how much I get out of Debi‘s classes.  I always finish a class feeling restored, re-energised and ready to face the world again.  Debi has the most incredibly calming manner, she is insightful and intuitive for what my body and mind need every time. Thank you Debi – I can‘t wait for my next class!

Joanne Saville, Taupo NZ

Yoga online with Debi is great to do as it is so easy and straightforward,  it can be done wherever you have a small space in your home. The yoga lessons I regularly do are the basic stretching, shoulder release stretches, and the vinyasa block session, although there are more available I find those 3 are the best for me. I find the lessons great as they are short and to the point. You can pause the lesson whenever you want if you want to hold a pose for longer and even repeat the lesson.

Lesley Hoskin, Taupo, New Zealand