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Applications are open for the LoveYoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga RYT200 Teacher Training 2024

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Level 1

200hr Teacher Training 2025

The LoveYogaNewZealand Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga RYT 200-hour teacher training is a highly reputable, comprehensive course that provides a rite of passage of insight, self discovery and growth. It is a wonderful journey to embark upon that integrates not just into your practice and teaching, but into your life. Sign up in the knowledge that you will emerge from the experience with greater knowledge, deeper connection to breath and movement and experiential understanding. The training is split into four modules, which we will explore through embodied, integrated hands-on learning.

Our approach to the entire training comes from the understanding that we all need both compassion and strength. The training builds on the traditional Ashtanga Primary Series, but steps much further into the realms or functional movement, somatics and energetics. We ensure you are well equipped with effective tools and techniques to support students and to develop your own personal practice, far beyond the yoga mat.

Our Yoga Teacher Training is based in Taupo, New Zealand, a stunning place to spend time and explore.  On the shores of the largest lake in the southern hemisphere, is a beautiful place to share such a transformational experience.  We are blessed to call this home and look forward to sharing it with you.

During the training you will explore some powerful skills that will serve you in many aspects of your life. You will learn how to:

  • Use your breath to calm your whole being
  • Centre yourself when you feel unsteady
  • Feel through breath, touch and transposition
  • Read body language, and transpose
  • Quiet the mind and tune into your intuition



Over the course, you will learn how to lead a class from Sun Salute A through to Utplithi and Savasana. This includes learning verbal, hands-on, group and individual adjustments for each asana, how to keep a rhythm and techniques for beginners and more advanced students, as well as those with different injuries.


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Explore the human skeleton and muscular system, running through the major bones of the body, their names and their range of motion – both assisted and unassisted. Similarly how the muscular system functions, learning the major muscles, what they do and how they do it.

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This section will explore a varied selection of pranayama practices and meditation techniques that student teachers will be required to teach. Further we will explore both the practical side of things as well as economics.

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We will start the philosophy section with a timeline of yoga, when The Yoga Sutra was written, how this relates to other yoga texts (The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita).  This is meant to provide students with a broad understanding of where yoga came from and why it is still relevant and beneficial today.

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Course Details

 2025 Training Dates: 

  • Weekend 1 – March 7th – 9th: 25 hours
  • Weekend 2 – April 11th –13th: 25 hours
  • Weekend 3 – May 16th – 18th: 25 hours
  • 8 Day Intensive – Sunday – Sunday 15th – 22nd June

Graduation: June 22nd 2025

Price: $5500 – scroll down to view the 3 payment plans available
2025: Early Registration Discount: Save $300 if you register and pay before December 30th, 2024.

This does not include accommodation or food. Enrolment in this program is not confirmed until a $500 deposit is received.

Refund Policy For cancellation one month prior to the start date, payment will be refunded. Less than one month prior to and up to the day before training begins, 25% of the teacher training cost will be refunded. There is NO refund once training begins.


I’m Debi Hendra, ERYT-500, and I am the founder of LoveYoga and the director of this Yoga Teacher Training.

Sharing an indepth study into the essence of yoga is both an honour and a commitment from both teacher and student. Allowing time to pause, reflect and grow is an important aspect of this journey – which is why although the training is condensed, there is time between weekends to let the experience filter through your being, so that the body, the mind and the soul really understand and grow from the inside out. 

This teacher training started many years ago in 2010 as I started to grow my first child – so the training started and has developed every year since then. It was designed to work around balance: for ALL who take part – so that it works WITH all of your other commitments, such as a family or a job.

It is a dedication to yourself, a transformational journey that will support you to be the best version of yourself. Enable you to design a future that you are proud of. All of our teachers who have qualified through this teacher training are incredible, inspiring and have gone on to pass this knowledge and wisdom with family, friends and some have even taken the leap beyond into the unknown.


This training is from my heart to yours. I hope you join me for the ride.

Payment Plans

We’re happy to accept a single payment, monthly Direct Debit payments, and also weekly Direct Debit payments for your teacher training programme at LoveYoga.

Single Payment


Early Registration Discount: Save $300 if you register and pay before December 30th, 2024.

Monthly Payment Plan

$500 deposit, plus 5 x monthly payments of $1000 :1st Feb, 1st Mar, 1st Apr, 1st May and 1st June

Early Registration Discount: Save $300 if you register and pay before December 30th, 2024.

Weekly Payment Plan

$5500 – 500 (deposit )
Starting 1st Jan over 25 weeks until the end of the training 23rd June = $190/week

Early Registration Discount: Save $300 if you register and pay before December 30th, 2024.

Do you need Accommodation during the Teacher Training?


If you need somewhere to stay, for an additional cost of just $1290 (includes 13 nights’ stay), you can book to stay at one of our beautiful AirBnB, just 3 minutes drive from the LoveYogaNewZealand Yoga Studio. Both properties offer a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary that exudes lightness and ease.  There two options are:

Walnut Cottage – where open plan living spills seamlessly onto a large deck, new pagola and a very special addition: the spa, the perfect place to unwind and take a breath. With 3 bedrooms, 2 inside & 1 in a separate room outside, this offers shared space to prepare and eat food, and connect with other students on the course. You will have you own room, but share the bathroom.

 Yogi Cottage – once a yoga studio, and now a boutique living space, renovated and refurnished to a high standard, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable experience for your stay in Taupo. Fully self contained, with a brand new super comfy bed, it is a private haven to relax. You will have  access to the entire studio living including a private bathroom.

Meals are NOT included, however you will have access to kitchen facilities in order to store, prepare and cook  meals as you like. If you have any questions, or would like more details, please feel free to ask, we are happy to answer!!


Settled in a quiet neighbourhood, and  Taupo town centre just 3 minutes drive away -you can enjoy the peace, but also access shops, cafes and restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions


Am I ready to be a Yoga Teacher?

Embarking upon the path of becoming a Yoga Teacher entails a journey that extends beyond the aspiration to instruct others; it is, in essence, a profound voyage of self-discovery and personal growth. The skills you will gain are highly transferable and supportive in many aspects of life, from learning how to manage your own energy levels, to listening and tuning in to what is really going on. Many students feel that they are not worthy to start on this deep inner journey, they simply don’t know how. This is actually an incredibly powerful place to begin: simply taking one step at a time, together – and enjoying the process of nurturing yourself and growing as you do. You will be supported throughout this transformative process, which paves the way for the essential inner work that is necessary. Along this path, you will find yourself embraced by a kind, accepting and like-minded community, a collective who are bound by a shared passion for yoga (particularly Ashtanga) and a commitment to mutual growth. Rest assured, you are more than prepared to embark on this journey, and the collective strength of this community will be your guide, offering kind words, feedback, and unwavering encouragement. We look forward to sharing your journey with you!

How is this training different from other Yoga Teacher Trainings?
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a powerful and transformative form of Yoga
  • The Ashtanga framework provides a fantastic foundation for many other systems
  • 3 x Weekends and 8 Day Intensive
  • Extended payment plans available
  • Be part of a kind, caring and loving community
  • We’re DIVERSE and welcome everyone
What style of Yoga do you teach?

Our practice is anchored in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system, starting with the Primary Series. This particular framework serves as an invaluable compass for our journey, offering a solid foundation from which we can embark on an exploration of diverse yoga styles. We reflect and explore a rich tapestry of other yoga traditions to help create an anchor, this means exploring the fluidity of Vinyasa to the dynamism of Power Yoga, the poise of Hatha, and the introspective tranquility of Yin. Amidst this exploration, we also recognize the significance of equilibrium and restoration, acknowledging the complementary role of practices such as Restorative Yoga in sustaining the integrity of the Ashtanga system. In essence, our yoga journey is a harmonious fusion of tradition and evolution, guided by the wisdom of Ashtanga, while embracing the broader spectrum of yoga modalities.

How do I enroll and confirm my spot on the course?

Complete the form below, and either make a bank transfer or a credit card payment of your deposit.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we offer 3 types of payment:


Early Registration Discount: Save $300 if you register and pay before December 30th, 2023.

$500 deposit, plus 5 x monthly payments of $1000 :1st Feb, 1st Mar, 1st Apr, 1st May and 1st June

$500 deposit, plus 25 weekly payments from 1st January 2024 until the end of the training 21st July of $190 / week

How big are the classes?

Numbers are kept low – maximum 6 per training – to allow each training to be a very personal experience and maximise individual learning. It is a commitment from both teacher and student to take part in a training – it is also an opportunity to make lifelong connections with others as you learn, grow and complete the journey.

What is included in the cost?

The cost covers the comprehensive curriculum with expert guidance essential to your transformative journey. You will have access to the yoga studio – for reference materials, for observation of classes and of course as part of our community. You will also receive access to our full online platform of classes. Plus you will receive a 10 class pass to any classes on our regular schedule. Are aim is to equip you with the essential resources and tools to enrich your learning experience and foster your growth as a dedicated practitioner and aspiring yoga teacher.

Is the course registered to any Yoga Associations?

Absolutely, once completed the training is fully registered as a 200RYT with Yoga Alliance. Once you receive certification, you just need to go through the process on the Yoga Alliance website, pay the fee and you will be a fully registered yoga teacher, recognised around the world.

What is the required course attendance? What happens if I need to miss a session?

A 90% attendance is required for all classes. We understand that sometimes the universe has other plans. We request students let us know ASAP, so we organise catch-up sessions in your own time (this will usually be with a recording of the session). All missed sessions have to be made up in some way for you to graduate from the course.

What assessments are involved in this Teacher Training?

Over the course of the training, trainees are required to write a number of pieces on what yoga is, to learn to draw and articulate a sun salute. Student teachers are required to learn how to use Sanskrit appropriately in class, which will be practiced and assessed throughout. Similarly, trainees will practice regularly how to observe, adjust and modify asana, for different student needs, injuries and more. They are required to demonstrate these skills with a final test that will ask them to teach with both verbal direction and physical adjustment various asanas to students with and without injuries.

Is there any ongoing support or continued education?

Continuing education is really valuable for additional learning, support, inspiration, and to keep you in contact with your teachers and peers. It’s also a requirement of continuing membership of many yoga associations, including Yoga Alliance if you choose to join.

LoveYoga offers regular retreats, workshops and & specialist trainings for ongoing support after your training.

All of these can count toward your continued learning and some towards your next level of Teacher Training if you are registered with Yoga Alliance. See each individual program for more information.

Our Newsletter is also a great way to stay in contact with your teachers and fellow classmates to continue to stay in the loop.

What qualification will I gain?

On successful completion of the 200-hour LoveYoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training, you will be issued a Certificate of Yoga Teacher Training from LoveYoga. This is accredited by Yoga Alliance, the International Yoga Association at the 200-hour level. This means that once you complete your First Aid certification you can start teaching straight away.

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